Donna’s Credentials and Bio
      •   Currently in studies to complete PH.D. in Metaphysical Sciences – 2015
      •   Tibetan Cranial Practitioner 2014 – completed studies in Tibetan Cranial Healing and now a certified practitioner
      •   Ongoing Studies and practice with Native American Grandmother Medicine
           Knowing and working with your Spirit and Animal guides, Aroma Therapy, Healing with Color, Crystals, Minerals, and Herbs.
      •   Tibetan Bowls Sound Healings – Certified in Tibetan Bowl healing techniques 2008, advanced techniques 2009
      •   Karuna Reiki ® Master Teacher & Practitioner 2007 – Certified to teach all levels
      •   Ordained Minister 2005 – The National Organization of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards
      •   Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner
           Practitioner and Instructor since 2003, Certified to teach all levels – Donna’s Reiki Master Lineage
      •   Creator of the Corporate Wellness Program “ Natural Balance” – A one hour program to teach employees methods of ease to release eye, mental, and physical stress throughout their work day.
      •   Kundalini Yoga – Ongoing study and practice since 2001
      •   Two year Vibrational Systems Certificate & Post Certificate Program 2001 – 2002: Intensive study of Holistic Health, Healing, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Donna’s early background and path:
* Ballet Dancer: 20 years, Instructor: 10 years
Dedication, self-discipline, study and application of correct movement of the human body for self and others.
* Interior Plants: 28 years: Sales, Design, Servicing, Consulting

Teaching the importance of the energetic, esthetic, and healing uses of Interior Plants in the home and workplace. Trained and developed 22 other successful Interior Plant Companies.
* Professionally produced DVD “Dancing With Tropical Plants”
90 minute interactive DVD on how to take care of houseplants in your home or office. Includes tips on plants as fresh air providers as per NASA tests.