Teachers and Practitioners Directory

Donna Lambdin

Ph.D, Maha Reiki® Usui, Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher,
Minister, and Spiritual Healer.

253-988-8931 – Maha Methods®

Maha Cranial® Teacher Practitioner, Tibetan Bowls,
Reiki Sessions & Classes,
Intuitive Sessions and Soul Retrieval
by appointment in University Place & Sequim.

Ron Goodwin

Ph.D, Maha Reiki® Usui, Karuna® Reiki Master

Maha Methods®
Tibetan Bowl classes, Private & Group Bowl sessions by appointment

Our Practitioner Directory – Other Appointment times available upon request

Barbara Dexter, Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher 253-224-1619 | Tibetan Sound Vibrational Healing – Call for private consultations or sessions at Sacred Serenity Space for Urgent Care by appointment.
Sound Bath Meditation, 3rd Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30pm
Beth Lauderdale, Reiki Practitioner | 206-390-7529
www.BethLauderdale.com – Evolutionary Astrology and Customized Readings.
David Elliott, Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher and Maha Cranial® Practitioner 253-324-3946 – | www.emahoenergy.com
Maha Cranial® and Maha Reiki® sessions by appointment in Sequim
Diana Daley, Maha Cranial® Practitioner, Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher, Tibetan Bowls, Karuna, Ordained Minister 206-683-6753 –
Maha Cranial® and Maha Reiki® sessions by appointment in Bellevue and Kirkland
Francesca Siena, Maha Cranial® Apprentice – Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher -Restorative Touch 253-961-3181 | ArtemisiaHealingArts.org
Special Offering: Maha Cranial® and Maha Reiki® combo session for 1 hour. Call Fransesca at 253-961-3181 for special pricing and appointment from 9-4 on 1st Saturdays and Sundays in 2019 at Sacred Serenity Space by appointment. Full sessions of each method also available at regular rates.
Joe Lombardo, Mind, Body, Wellness Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner and Certified Heart Math Instructor | 478-929-8370 Specializing in attachment release and distance work. Private sessions by appointment and First Thursday nights monthly to do “Heart Math” and/or another event at Sacred Serenity Space.
Julie Heacock | 206-931-7759 | | Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Tibetan Bowl Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Counselor Sunday Yoga at 5pm and Energy Sessions 6:30 to 8 Sacred Serenity Space

Jessie Campbell, Maha Reiki® Master Teacher/Practitioner | 253-720-2512 | www.guidedinlight.com | Reiki Sessions & Classes, Reiki Circles, Tibetan Bowl Vibrational Healing By appointment, Sacred Serenity Space.
Lisa Lombardo, Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner | 478-714-2102
Ongoing Qigong Group Practice from 6-7:30 pm on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at Sacred Serenity Space. Private sessions and Holy Fire work by appointment.

Maria Aragon, Sound Nutrition & Body | Registered Dietitian, Reiki Practitioner | 253-722-7367
Intuitive Eating and Loving Body Conversations, Reiki Healing. Holistic and Babaylan-inspired.
Private consultation or sessions at Sacred Serenity Space by appointment.
Nahkila Isha’ | | Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting – Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher, Divine Interpreter & Mentor Specializing in Spiritual Awakening & Trauma Release. | www.nahkilaisha.com
Spiritual Happy Hour from 6:30-8:30 pm 4th Saturdays at Sacred Serenity Space
Private Sessions by appointment
Rebekah Rosand, Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher | 253-777-8311
www.MoonWillowReiki.com | Reiki and Sound sessions,
Call for private sessions, events and classes at Sacred Serenity Space by appointment:
2nd Sundays and 2nd Fridays (9am-4pm) | Sound Bath Meditation, 3rd Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30pm
Victoria McManus-Kleinman, Maha Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher, Certified in the Art of Circle | 253-988-0798 | www.EssenceoView.com
Pillar of Light ~ Women’s Soul Circle from 6:30-8:30 on 2nd Fridays at Sacred Serenity Space.