Meditation Pyramid


The Meditation Pyramid


The vision of the meditation pyramid was given to me in a dream this past January by one of my Spirit Guides. I was given direction to build it so that many people on their journey of self awareness, self healing and raising their consciousness to higher levels, could do so with accelerated speed, in a pyramid chamber. The energy from the pyramid would also have a positive affect the property and surrounding community by it’s own higher vibration. My own personal Life has been strongly affected with positive, high energy growth and the blessings have been enormous. — Donna Lambdin




This pyramid is a sacred space of healing for body, mind and spirit. Every time I enter, I feel blessed to be there. The experience of chanting, praying and meditating is enhanced by the unique way this space is built. There are times when playing my Tibetan bowls I feel myself transcending time and space outside of this dimension. Blessed be my friend and master builder for his vision and purpose in this endeavor. — Barbara Dexter

Since my first visit to the pyramid about 6 weeks ago I have had an awesome transformation both in my energy and bladder issues which had plagued me for years. Diagnosed with interstitial cystitis about 3 years ago which caused me to have severe bladder spasms and an inability to sleep through the night due to having to get up to go at least 7x per night and just a general feeling of malaise. ALL GONE! I am ever so grateful…catching up on lost sleep, no more bladder issues or need to be concerned with certain foods that would send this condition through the roof!…Thank You Universe …. and Donna for the dream to build this amazing healing structure which I believe assisted my bodies ability to heal. — Mary Jane Halligan

I feel the energy of the pyramid as soon as I get out of my car and start to walk on the property! — S P

My meditation practice has reached new levels, so much faster, in the pyramid. — H H

Peace and calmness come and surround me, as soon as I enter the pyramid. — J M

Being in the pyramid is awesome! The energy is so strong. My third eye and crown chakras open immediately. — L H

I love receiving attunements and empowerments in the pyramid. The effect is so much stronger and powerful. — B G

Jim Bacon….. A teacher/guide once suggested that I might someday participate in the creation of ‘space’ for gently and powerfully supporting personal healing and transformation. I feel this Pyramid is an outcome of that prediction in physical form. Bringing the skill of building together with my passion for personal growth has been a blessing for me and I am very pleased with the reports of value for others. I look forward to creating more and am available for that where there is interest.