We are excited to announce that our Maha Reiki® Manuals are available on Amazon

We have the following 3 training manuals available on Amazon

Maha Reiki® Level 1 Manual   |   Maha Reiki® Level 2 Manual   |   Maha Reiki® Teacher Manual

All Three Manuals are available at this link too!

These Maha Reiki training manuals are a culmination of Donna and Ron’s many years of Reiki practice and teaching. New Techniques and information are presented for the rapidly changing needs and depth of understanding and practice of vibrational and energetic healing for our times. The manuals teach through focused, extensive, easy to understand explanations of the chakras, auric field, amplifying energy through attunements, energetic protection, hand positions and so much more!
Beautiful illustrations and pictures make learning and feeling energy, easy to follow.


If you do not have a Reiki Master Teacher in your area,
Please contact Donna directly for webinars, internet consultations, training and attunements.
Cell: 253-988-8931 email: